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A 4-day Short Course in Practical Rock Mechanics
for Underground Mines


Dr.W.F. Bawden, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr.K. Kalenchuk, Ph.D., P.Eng.

NOVEMBER 13 to NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Glenhove Conference Centre
Johannesburg, South Africa

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– R 12,500 per person –

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R 9 850 per person

Ramjack Technology Solutions together with Mine Design Engineering are pleased to provide a short course in practical rock mechanics for underground mines.

The course will be presented by:

Dr. W. F. Bawden,CEO Mine Design Technologies and Mine Design Engineering
Dr. K. Kalenchuk, Senior Geomechanics Consultant Mine Design Engineering

Dr. Bawden has over 40 years of experience in mining geomechanics as a practioner, academic, consultant and researcher. He is a founding partner of both Mine Design Technologies and Mine Design Engineering and remains engaged in challenging mining and civil projects around the globe. Dr. Bawden has particular expertise in ground characterization, derivation of rock engineering constitutive parameters and the design of underground excavations and their support systems. Dr. Bawden’s expertise is sought after by the largest and most advanced mining companies in the world.

Dr. K. Kalenchuk is an expert in mining geomechanics. She has worked on multiple projects in ground control and rock engineering for open pit and underground mines over the last 15 years. As a Rock Mechanics Consulting Engineer she works around the globe on mine design projects, site inspections and incident investigations, and teaches international courses in rock engineering and numerical modelling. Dr. Kalenchuk is also an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University where she co-supervises graduate students pursuing research in deep and high stress mining environments as well as induced subsidence.

The short course will run over four (4) days and cover the following content.

Three days will be spent on current rock mechanics theory specific to the mining industry:

– Strength of Rock and Rock Masses

  • Intact Rock Properties
    • Data Sources [laboratory testing]
    • Intact Rock Behavior
    • Failure Criterion and Strength Parameters
  • Rock Mass Properties
    • Data Sources [Core logging and Geotechnical Mapping]
    • Rock Mass Classification Systems [RMR, Q, Q’, GSI]
    • Rock Mass Design Parameters
    • Joint set interpretation [DIPS tutorial]

– In Situ Stress and Stress Measurement Techniques
– Empirical Longhole Stope Design
– Empirical Pillar Design
– Ground Support

  • Rock Reinforcement Elements
  • Primary Ground Support Design
    • Empirical
    • Structurally Controlled Instability [Unwedge tutorial]
  • Cable bolting

– Introduction to numerical modelling [Modelling tutorial]
– Mine induced seismicity & introduction to dynamic support design
– Introduction to Mine Backfill
– Ground Monitoring
– Ground Control QA/QC

One day will be spent on instrumentation:

  • General discussion of instrument types and their design
  • Instrument selection
  • Installation procedures
  • Data collection
    • Hand held readouts
    • Data loggers
    • Real time wireless communications
  • Case Studies

Your Hosts

About Ramjack Technology Solutions –
Ramjack Technology Solutions is a specialised, system integrator dedicated to operations technology for the mining industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We were founded in 2013 on the back of over 50 years in the real-time mining technology space to fill the gap between Original Technology Manufacturers and mine operations. Backed by partnerships with specialised technology manufacturers from Canada, the United States and Australia, we have a suite of technologies that –on their own –solve many operational challenges for mines. But, when combined together based on the specific needs of an operation we can create a tailor-made solution –seemingly unique to each mine –but, without the shortfalls of ‘legacy customization’.

About Mine Design Engineering –
Mine Design Engineering provides specialized consulting services to the mining and civil industries. Areas of expertise include rock engineering for underground and surface applications, geomechanics, numerical modelling, landslide mechanics, mine backfill, ground monitoring and rockmass characterization. The footprint of MDEng’s project portfolio has expanded rapidly since incorporation in 2010. MDEng has grown into a global consulting firm with projects across Canada and around the world.


Glenhove Conference Centre: 52 Glenhove Rd, Melrose Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa


The short course will be held over 4 days, from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Thursday:
Start Date: 13 November 2017
Time: 09h00 to 17h00

End Date: 16 November 2017
Time: 09h00 to 17h00


The complete 4-day short course is available for R12,500 per person

Confirmed registrations received by August 31, 2017 will receive an Early Bird registration fee of R 9,850.

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