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Ben Thompson, Ph.D.

ben-thompson-picDr. B. Thompson offers world-leading expertise in geotechnical instrumentation and seismic and microseismic analysis. He has previously led internationally recognized state-of-the-art instrumentation projects at numerous mines to improve backfilling efficiency through better understanding of in-situ conditions. Dr. Thompson’s strong field background is founded on a result-driven approach. This is combined with a rigorous scientific training in geophysics and geology, and in particular, the application of seismological techniques to understand rock fracture and fault-slip.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Field instrumentation of mine backfill
    • Backfill instrumentation to improve efficiency and safety
    • Design of varied instrumentation packages for backfill monitoring
    • Full stope instrumentation for operational/research objectives
    • Routine installation of barricade instrumentation for operational QA/QC
    • Backfilling strategies to reduce stope cycle time/minimize binder content
    • Training of staff in operation of instrumentation and backfill related soil mechanics theory
  • Rock Mechanics through Applied Seismology techniques
    • Application of seismic techniques to monitor rock failure
    • Advanced and routine processing of micro-seismic and acoustic emission events
    • Design of micro-seismic/ultrasonic laboratory rock mechanics experiments
    • Familiar with ESG and ASC software packages
    • Field installation of microseismic accelerometers
  • Project Management
    • Expertise in management of large scale instrumentation projects from inception to completion
    • Results and budget oriented approach
    • Multi-year onsite/underground experience running fieldwork projects
    • Excellent communications from the rock-face to the boardroom

Technology Transfer / Workshops and Courses

  • ‘Paste2010’ International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings (2010) – ‘Backfill Instrumentation’ industry workshop – lead presenter
  • CIM ROCENG09 Instrumentation Workshop (2009) – ‘Mine Backfill Monitoring’ industry seminar, speaker


PhD in Geophysics, 2006 ‘Acoustic Emission investigation of Fracture and Fault Mechanics in the Laboratory’, University of Liverpool, UK, (Supervisor, Prof. Paul Young)

MEsci (Master of Earth Science) in Geophysics and Geology, 2002
(a 4 year undergraduate degree), University of Liverpool, UK

Refereed Publications:

  1. Thompson B.D., M.W. Grabinsky and W.F. Bawden. In-situ measurements of cemented paste backfill at the Cayeli Mine, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, (49 (7), 2012, pp. 755-772(18) doi: 10.1139/t2012-040). AWARDED EDITOR’S CHOICE
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Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. American Rock Mechanics Symposium (ARMA) 2012, In-situ pressures in paste backfill, a review of fieldwork  B. D. Thompson, W. F. Bawden, M.W. Grabinsky,
  2. ‘Paste2010’ International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings 2010, B. D. Thompson,W. F. Bawden, M.W. Grabinsky, K. Karaoglu, ‘Monitoring Cemented Paste Backfill Barricade Performance’.
  3. Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) AGM, Vancouver, 2010, W.F. Bawden, B. D. Thompson, M. W. Grabinsky. ‘Real Time Monitoring of Cemented Paste Backfill’.
  4. RockEng09, Toronto, 2009, B.D. Thompson, D.B. Counter, W.F. Bawden, M. Grabinsky, ‘In situ measurements of Cemented Paste Backfill in Long-Hole Stopes’.
  5. Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) AGM, 2008: W.F. Bawden, B.D. Thompson and Grabinsky M., Field instrumentation studies in Cemented Paste Backfill
  6. Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Ottawa, 2007: Grabinsky M., W.F. Bawden andB.D. Thompson,  In Situ monitoring of cemented paste backfill in an alimak stope
  7. ISRM Congress, Lisbon, 2007: Young R. P. andB. D. Thompson, Imaging dynamic rock fracture    with acoustic emission and x-ray tomography.
  8. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco (USA), 2005, Thompson, B.D,R.P. Young, D.A. Lockner, Fracture in Westerly granite under AE feedback and Constant Strain Rate loading: Nucleation, Quasi-static Propagation, and the transition to Unstable Fracture Propagation