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Will Bawden, Ph.D., P.Eng. President and CEO

will-bawden-pic“Mine Design Engineering [MDEng] is a niche geotechnical firm offering specialized rock engineering services to the mining and civil sectors for both underground and surface mining as well as for civil excavations and natural rock slopes. Since its inception in 2010, MDEng has undertaken a wide array of projects for a variety of clients world-wide. Services include oriented and non-oriented core logging, geomechanical mapping and rock mass classification, underground geomechanical mine design [i.e. stope design, pillar design, static and dynamic ground support design, stope sequencing, etc.], instrumentation system design, numerical modelling [2D and 3D linear and non-linear], mine induced seismicity analysis, ground control audits, underground civil infrastructure design, rock slope design [open pit mine slopes, natural slope analysis and civil excavations], in-situ backfill instrumentation and optimization, and due diligence studies. MDEng is a sister company to the well-known instrumentation manufacturing company Mine Design Technologies [MDT]. MDEng personnel bring an exceptional level of geomechanical engineering skill and experience to your projects. We strongly believe that the combined sister companies can deliver significant value added services to our clients at the highest degree of applied geomechanics for both the mining and heavy civil sectors. We look forward to working with you.”

Dr. W. F. Bawden has over 40 years of experience in geotechnics and geomechanical engineering in the mining and civil engineering fields. Dr. Bawden has particular expertise in ground characterization, derivation of rock engineering constitutive parameters, the design of underground excavations and their support systems including pillar design, stope dimensioning and sequencing, all aspects of ground support design, rockburst analysis and dynamic support design and numerical analysis. Dr. Bawden performs ongoing consulting services for some of the world’s largest mining corporations while also conducting technical assessments for small to mid-size companies and for M&A and NI 43-101 studies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Geomechanical mine design
    • Ground characterization
    • Stope dimensioning
    • Stope sequencing
    • Pillar Design
    • Ground support design
    • Ground control audits
    • Pit slope stability
  • Cemented Paste Backfill [CPB] Geotechnical Design
    • Laboratory and field paste bulk parameter characterization
    • Design and implementation of laboratory test programs
    • Field instrumentation of CPB
    • CPB pour design
      • Continuous pour versus plug methodologies
      • Assessment of CPB arching
      • Assessment of CPB barricade stability
      • Design of CPB field recipes
  • Due Diligence Projects
    • Geomechanical due diligence for mining M&A studies
  • Geomechanical Design and Assessment of Underground Civil Engineering Infrastructure Projects

Major Mining Clients:

  • Barrick Gold Corporation
  • Newmont Gold Mining Company
  • Teck Resources
  • North American Palladium
  • Centerra Gold Corporation
  • Sumitomo Metals


  • 1980: University of Toronto – PhD in Rock Mechanics – Civil Engineering
  • 1972: University of Illinois – Urbana Campus – MSc in Engineering Geology
  • 1970: Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario – BSc in Engineering Geology

Professional Business Affiliations:

  • 2010 –Present: CEO – Mine Design Engineering Inc., Kingston, Ontario
  • 2012 –Present: Professor emeritus, University of Toronto
  • 2009 – Present – Board Member – Wesdome Mines Limited
  • 1997 – Present: CEO & Chief Engineer, Mine Design Technologies Inc., Kingston, Ontario
  • 1989 – Present: President – Bawden Engineering Limited

Direct Mine Experience:

In charge of Geomechanical Design for the Following Deposits:

  • Mines Gaspe E32 Deposit
  • Ansil Deposit – Rouyn Quebec
  • Isle-Dieu Deposit – Matagami, Quebec
  • Winston Lake Deposit – Schreiber, Ontario
  • Golden Giant Mine – Marathon, Ontario

Senior Rock Engineering and Mine Design Review Consultant on Ongoing Basis for the Following Properties:

  • Centerra Gold Corporation
  • North American Palladium – Lac des Isles Mine
  • Barrick Gold, Williams and David Bell mines – Marathon, Ontario
  • Newmont Mining Corporation – Elko Operations [Deep Post mine, Leeville mine and Chukar mine]
  • Newmont Mining – Midas Operations
  • Teck – Duck Pond Operations, Newfoundland
  • Sumitomo Corporation – Pogo Mine Alaska
  • Teck Corporation – Pend Oreille mine Washington State [on care and maintenance]
  • Shebandowan Mine [Until Closure] – Shebandowan, Ontario
  • Golden Giant Mine [until closure] – Marathon, Ontario

Conducted Individual Reviews and Studies for the Following Properties:

  • Barrick Gold Cortez Hills Mine – Ground control audit, 2010
  • Barrick Gold Australia Pacific Regional Business Unit – Ground control audits at selected Barrick mines in the APRBU – 2009 and 2010
  • Inmet – Cayeli mine, Turkey – various studies
  • Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting – Trout Lake, Callanin and Snow Lake mines – support optimization
  • GECO mine [Until Closure] – senior rock mechanics consultant
  • Brunswick Mining and Smelting Limited – various studies
  • Barrick Gold – Bousquet II Division – support optimization and dilution control
  • Norita and Matagami Lake Mines [Until Closure] – senior rock engineering consultant
  • Boliden Myra Falls Division – rock mechanics consultant
  • Louvicourt Mine – support optimization
  • Inco Creighton Mine – integrated mine design research study
  • Falconbridge Lockerby Mine – integrated mine design research study
  • Central Canada Potash – rock engineering consultant
  • Casa Berardi Mine
  • Homestake Mining Company – Homestake mine, Lead SD – critical review of mining methods

Cemented paste Backfill Studies:

  • Golden Giant Mine
  • David Bell Mine
  • Williams Mine
  • Xstrata Copper – Kidd Mine
  • Inmet Cayeli Mine


Member, Professional Engineers of Ontario; Member Ontario Society of Professional Engineers; Member International Society of Rock Mechanics; Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum; Member Society of Mining Engineers; Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and Technological Sciences

Publications [Last 10 years]:

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